‘GODZILLA VS. KONG’ sequel set to start filming in Australia, later this year

The sequel to 2021’s box office hit ‘GODZILLA VS. KONG’ will be filmed in Queensland, Australia later this year.

Legendary Entertainments next Monsterverse flick is expected to film at Gold Coast and various other locations in Southeast Queensland. Both ’Godzilla VS Kong’ and ‘Kong Skull Island’ also filmed in the province. The state film agency ’Screen Queensland’ announced that the Australian government would pay subsidies to the production to incentivize filming in the region. The film will employ over 500 local cast and crew members along with over 750 extras.

Earlier last year, it was officially announced that the sequel was in development, with Adam Wingard set to return to direct the sequel. We can only guess, when the movie may release. However, with production set to begin by the end of the year, our best bet would be a late 2024 or early 2025 release for the sequel.

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