Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater talks about violence in the series and giving people goosebumps

Marvel Studios’ next Disney+ series Moon Knight is set to premiere just 1 week from now. Since its announcement fans have been debating on how much violence would be shown in the series. Many fans even argue that the series should have been TV-MA. Disney Plus confirmed that the series would be rated TV-14. The head writer for the series now talks about pushing the limits of PG-13 and how violence is handled in the series.

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In a feature for Empire Magazine Marvel Studios President and Moon Knight Producer, Kevin Fiege emphasized the brutality and violence shown in the series. Saying that Moon Knight is “brutal’ and that normally where they would’ve pulled back for Moon Knight they kept on going, describing a scene where “Moon Knight is wailing on another character and it is loud and brutal”. This assured fans that they would indeed get to see the version of Moon Knight from the comics, who was brutal and violent, red blood on Moon Knight’s white fists being iconic imagery from the comics.

Jeremy Slater says, Moon Knight will be the most violent MCU project yet

At Moon Knight’s Red Carpet premiere in Los Angeles yesterday evening, Jeremy Slater talked to Variety about the violence shown in the series. Jeremy Slater revealed that they pushed the PG-13 rating as far as they possibly could. Stating that he wanted to give the audience “goosebumps” and show fans “some violence in there that you may have never seen before in an MCU thing”. He also highlights Marvel’s support in making the series violent.

“But I was like: ‘Let’s get as PG-13 as we possibly can, let’s give people some goosebumps, let’s have some violence in there that you may have never seen before in an MCU thing. And Marvel was so supportive of that. They were so cool about it.”

Judging from the source material and Kevin Feige’s comments this does not come as a surprise at all but just reaffirms this promise of violence in the series. As we have seen recently from movies like DC’s ‘The Batman’, a TV-MA or R rating is not required for brutality and violence to be portrayed. Disney+ has also only recently added TV-MA with Marvel’s Defenders series, so it is not surprising that the series was not developed as an R-rated outing.

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight starts streaming exclusively on Disney Plus on March 30

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