The Boys Season 3: Review

We would like to thank Prime Video for the opportunity to Review all 8 episodes of Season 3 of The Boys early.

When we last saw the boys in Season 2 Mothers Milk was finally allowed to see his daughter, Frenchie and Kimiko were last seen in the shadows with bags in hand leaving their hideout, Ryan was placed in the care of Grace Mallory, Butcher was approached by the CIA to work for them to deal with Supes affairs, Hughie was hired by Victoria Neuman and Homelander well he was left licking his own wounds before that “final shot” on top of that building.

Starting Strong

We learn through the first couple of episodes that it has nearly been a year since the last season. Season 3 starts off with great character building in a season long story that finally pays off right at the end. Throughout the whole of the season the acting from each actor has been upped since the last outing, Butcher even more quick witted with insults and more cunning than before, Hughie and Starlight are going strong and makes you really root for them! Homelander, as said by Starlight in the trailer, is losing his mind. That is just underplaying it and Antony Starr steals the show with his acting, the looks he gives and actions in the series has been raised to another level.


Season 3 really is the pick of the bunch with it being more rounded as a whole. It even ties up some loose ends from previous seasons. With all the action, blood and just the brutality of the fights in the season, I can honestly say this season is the best one so far. If you have previously been a lover of the boys Season 1 and 2 then you will certainly love Season 3 even more than any other season that came before. It truly is a triumph.

Blood and Guts

The way they have fleshed out each character and gave you a deeper look into each character and The 7 it really does make you appreciate what their going for in this and after seeing certain parts that help with this it explains a lot of these characters behaviors and actions. As per previous season you can expect a lot of blood, guts and back stabbings with a smile from the characters doing so.

The relationships that have been forged through out Season 1 and 2 between characters are made even stronger and even tested to the max throughout the season mentally and physically, its great to see these relationships get tested in other ways the threats and physical actions.

Final Thoughts

Overall the best thing throughout the season is Antony Starr and how he plays the character of Homelander with so much finesse and emotion, the comedy in this season is more subtle and for me that is more funnier than before, the action is notched to 11. In the end it all comes together very well and could be viewed as either good or bad depending which side of the fence you sit on, it also leads speculation to what could be done with a season 4 whether certain ties will be fully broken or whether those ties could be rekindled.

Catch The Boys Season 3 Tomorrow June 3rd debuting with 3 episodes, Streaming Exclusively on Prime Video with the rest of the season arriving weekly.

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