‘Cars on the Road’: Disney+ Day review

Our first Disney+ day review is for the return of one of Pixar’s biggest franchise with Cars on the Road. The Fun nine episode serialized shorts serve as a great companion to the greater franchise.

Returning to the world of Cars

The good thing about Cars on the Road is that the creators try something new and different with every episode. The signature Pixar quality is ever-present and the effort put into each episode visible and appreciable. I loved the scary house episode and the shining references made me laugh so hard. This show is genuine fun for the entire family. I also liked the way the creators integrated new elements into this universe which existed in cohesion with the existing characters without sticking out like a sore thumb which is generally the case, but not here.

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There are so many pop culture references in this show which are so nicely done. “I get that reference” was my reaction. I simply couldn’t help but adore this series. I think kids will enjoy this show more. It’s so light-hearted and joyous to watch. The animation by Pixar is as always a master stroke, I mean they are one of the best in the business. Not only the writers but also the animators were pushing hard beyond the boundaries to deliver something new to audiences like me.


© 2022 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

As expected from the 2 Cars veterans the voice acting was always on point. I mean Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy are already iconic as Lighting McQueen and Mater respectively. They are consistent with their performances from the original trilogy. The new cast including Quinta Brunson as Ivy and others did a fab job too. The fun they had while recording lines translated so well into the show.

© 2022 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.


On the flip side, the show felt like an anthology of shorts. There was an overarching idea connecting them all. But most of the episodes weren’t that connected, especially the first 3-4 episodes. I also felt that there was potential to expand on the character dynamic and the genres they were attempting had the episodes been a bit longer say 23-24 minutes. It would have added more depth to the proceedings.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Cars on the road is a breezy watch which I would recommend definitely to have some good time.

Pros: • Animation • Characters • Trying Something unique with every episode • Voice Acting

Cons: • Episodes feel disconnected at times • Lack of depth to the proceedings

Thoughts: 20-25 minutes episode duration would have worked wonders

Cars on the Road starts Streaming on Disney Plus Tomorrow, as a part of the Disney+ day Premieres!

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