Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 Review “Emotional, brutal, and fun”

After a less than successful year for Marvel with Ant-man and The Wasp Quantumania failing to cross $500 Million at the global box office, and a bunch of behind the scenes drama, Marvel really needed something to provide them with a big win. Guardians of the galaxy Vol.3 does just that with great action, emotions, fun, brutality, and spectacle.

James Gunn delivers the same Guardians magic that we were first introduced to back in 2014 with Volume 1. This time exploring Rocket’s dark past, while also teaching the Guardians how much family is worth. This film perfectly wraps the bow around this trilogy, book ending it with arguably its strongest entry. The Guardians have now saved the galaxy on their own twice and then once more with the Avengers, so now they’re left with the question of what their purpose is when the galaxy isn’t in danger. They’ve stationed themselves in knowehere, as seen in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, so when a man of impeccable strength attacks their home, another fun, music filled, classic guardians adventure seems to be on the way as they try to fight off Adam Warlock, played by Will Poulter. A character created by Queen Ayesha of the Sovereign in Volume 2’s end credit scene. Adam Warlock, a villain with superman like power but no brains, now seeks revenge on the Guardians. However, the film takes a significant dark turn as it leans into Rocket’s past, introducing us to his old friends and specifically to his creator, the High Evolutionary played by Chukwudi Iwuji. This is where the film really shines and explores how important family and friends are, and how they make you stronger than you ever were before. Leading in to a conclusion of epic proportions.

James Gunn during the press tour for the film told audiences that it was the idea for Rocket’s vack story that initially convinced him to take on the first film back in 2014. He explained that it was the first idea he ever thought of for this franchise, asking the question of how a raccoon turns into this gun wielding mast batlle tactitian. Gunn explained that this was when he realized that the story of Rocket is the saddest story there could ever be. Guardians of the galaxy vol.3 is where Gunn finally gets to explore this sad and traumatic past. Gunn really gets to express himself through this story and effectively makes the audience feel all the sadness which he talked about. You are guaranteed to have tears throughout the first beautiful looking, then horrific telling of Rocket’s story. Rocket’s creator and the main villain of the film is the High Evolutionary, a being obsessed with cutting uo animals and enhancing them for his benefit. Throughout the film he commits some of the most horrific and atrocious acts ever seen in the MCU. This is the first MCU villain which the film will really make you hate with every part of you. He is a man who is just totally teriible in evry way and in every thing he does. There is no good to him, which coupled with Iwuji’s great performance makes him one of the most menacing villains in the entirety of the MCU, bringin the guardians to a stage of helplessness.

The film isn’t just emotionally strong, it still delivers the classic Guardians humor and fun. Even after a terribly heart wrenching sequence, the film still manages to extract a laugh out of you. Specifically Gamora and Peter’s new relationship where, his Gamora has now been replaced with one without the memories of their relationship, provides for agreat number of laughs and some effective running gags. This time Nebula also gets her time to shine, now acting a lot more independently with a deeper control over her emotions. Mantis is another character who always steals the scenes she’s in. While Drax is there with his classic dumb comedy but also gets to do more than just comedic relief, showing once again why he was termed “Drax the destroyer” in the first film with some great fight sequences. The action in the film is truly breathtaking, easily the best of any of Gunn’s films and the best of the MCU since Endgame. The VFX is flawless this time, with many shots making you question if they were even CGI.

The core of the film isn’t this action, comedy, or horror, it is the emotions and connection the team has together as a family. What differentiates the guardians form any other group of heroes is that they act as and are a family. They are all outcasts, who couldn’t find a place int he world, but founf their purpose together. This purpose is now waining, as the film progresses, each member of the guardians has to make their own personal assessment of their position and how they want to proceed forward as a family. This forces them to band even stringer together and fight their way through to understand their true purpose. The entire cast puts in their best performances as their respective characters. With Chris Pratt particularly showing his great emotional depth, and Bradley Cooper brilliantly bringing to life every emotion Rocket feels with his voice acting.

Closing Thoughts

Guardians of the galaxy Vol.3 is a special film. It warms your heart, breaks your heart, destroys it & still manages to make you laugh in the next scene. While expertly balancing it’s darker tones with its more light hearted side. Each character is effectively given a resolution and a deep exploration of what the team means to them personally. All of this combined with the near perfect CGI, breathtaking action sequences, and heart wrenching moments make this film the perfect end to the trilogy, and places the trilogy as one of the greatest in the history of comic book films.

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