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How She-Hulk May be a bigger series than we thought?

She-Hulk is one of Marvel Studios’ most highly anticipated upcoming Disney+ series, featuring Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters. The series was first announced back at the 2019 D23 Expo by Kevin Feige. Shortly after during the 2020 Disney Investor Day, Feige announced that Tatiana Maslany would be playing the titular role of Jennifer Walters, with Mark Ruffalo reprising his role as Hulk and Tim Roth reprising his role as The Abomination, (last seen in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings).

The series has already cast lots of villains and heroes including The Wrecking Crew, which most fans are excited to see. The show will have 10 episodes (around 10 hours) so a lot of big things could be introduced in the series like Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Red-Hulk.

The Theory

Jessica Jones & Daredevil are PI & Lawyer respectively, so while Jessica Jones is working for Hogarth Enterprise she could be redirected to find stuff/evidence for Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk, but She-Hulk might know Jones’s powers since it was known by the public in Season 1 of Jessica Jones, and vice versa. Jessica might know about Jennifer’s powers too.

Abomination will also be making his return in the series. Most people thought he was dead after The Incredible Hulk, but in Agents Of Shield we were told that he was prisoned in Alaska under the watch of General Thaddeus Ross aka Red-Hulk, and now that he was seen in Shang-Chi & The Legend Of The Ten Rings. Abomination being in She-Hulk means that there may be a legal case relating to his release or maybe he was released illegally to kill The Hulk, so this series might be the end of The Hulk since Marvel is killing most of the Original Avengers. General Ross will try to help Emil Blonsky & the process might fail and create Red-Hulk. This could allow for a big fight sequence with the Hulks.


The series is also undergoing reshoots in Atlanta right now, amidst rumors of a possible Jessica Jones appearance. Given the confirmation of Ms. Marvel‘s release, the series will clearly premiere after Ms. Marvel. The show is currently set to end on July 13th, after which the Star Wars series Andor is expected to release. So – if Andor should release afterward on July 20th, She-Hulk might premiere 2-3 weeks later, on August 3rd or 11th. She-Hulk has also been confirmed to have 10 episodes, so this would have it ending on October 5th. Recently, a Brazillian News website Chippu has also claimed that they had heard that the series would premiere in August, adding more credence to our August 3/10 prediction. However, recently a rumor has come out which has cast doubt on the date and instead states that the series will debut in late 2022 or early 2023 due to high amounts of VFX left to be done, which would place it in any time between November and January. This rumor is from a less trusted source so should be taken with a grain of salt since no evidence or past rumor has suggested a release that late. Anything is possible but our August 3/10 date seems the most likely till now.

She-Hulk arrives on Disney Plus later this year.

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Moon Knight Episode 3 references Kang the Conqueror

Moon Knight’s new episode featured a direct image reference to an incarnation of KANG in the comics!

Marvel Studios is now branching off into its new genres, Moon Knight will be added to its Supernatural side, while other projects like Blade are coming into this side, here is how Moon Knight is teasing the next Avengers big bad.

The next Avengers big bad was shown in Loki, well, at least his statue was shown and it was confirmed that he would appear in the finale of the Ant-Man trilogy, while fans speculate when and how he could affect the MCU and cause many deaths in the MCU, here is how Marvel is teasing us with its projects like what they did with Thanos in phase 1 & 2!

As pointed out by New Rockstars, the latest Moon Knight episode left a visual reference to Pharaoh Rama-Tut, an incarnation of Kang in the comics. The one Follower of his who was fighting Marc at the edge of a cliff could be seen wearing a jacket which had the exact same logo of the Pharaoh’s head, and it even shows his color (green and purple). This theory was then confirmed by the creators of the series to be an intentional reference to Kang.

In the future Kang time travels to ancient Egypt and becomes the Pharaoh Rama Tut. As Rama Tut he has a headpiece which is identical to the logo on the back of the jacket.

What this could mean?

This suggests that Kang had actually time traveled to the ancient part of the MCU many years ago, he even might have been watching the avengers assemble and fight Thanos, as seen in Ant-Man & The Wasp, we saw a place in the quantum realm which assembles the design of Kang’s city, could he have actually been waiting for smart & powerful beings to die before he rises up to conquer the earth?
could he have been waiting for someone to free him or is he just doing other stuff while earth just ran itself?

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