Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones is all set to appear in Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk Disney Plus Series, arriving later this year. Disney just added all the Defenders Shows to Disney Plus and now it seems we will get the characters returning in other MCU projects. We already got the return of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in Spider-Man No Way Home and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin in Hawkeye, we can tell you today that Jessica Jones will be the next as she is all set to appear in She-Hulk. Daredevil has also been rumored to appear in She-Hulk as confirmed by multiple sources at this point. When these rumors of Daredevil appearing in She-Hulk came out, fans also started pushing for the return of Jessica Jones. When initial Filming wrapped Jessica Jones was not in the show, but now during the currently Filming reshoots, Jessica Jones is being added in to the show. Whether this was previously planned and just left for reshoots or was a new idea, based on fan response, is currently unknown.

Krysten Ritter only recently commenced filming for a different project, after filming for this a picture was posted by her hairstylist where her hair was being styled and dyed in the exact same way as was done for Jessica Jones. This had already sparked rumors of her return in She-Hulk, since this was exactly a day after reshoots for She-Hulk began. I have now been told by a source that can confirm that she indeed did get her hair done for She-Hulk and that she will make an appearance.

In addition to this just a few days ago, Kat Coiro, the director of She-Hulk, started following Krysten Ritter on Instagram and Ritter followed her back.

I had heard this from the source a month back but I was skeptical since the source had gotten some things right and a few things wrong, but reshoots beginning exactly when Krysten Ritter finished her previous project and got her hair dyed the same way they were for Jessica Jones, Kat Coiro, and Krysten Ritter following each other on Instagram a few days back, have all convinced me that the source was indeed true in this case.

It is still unclear how big her role will be and which episodes she may appear in.

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