The first social media reactions for Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 are finally out. The first press screening for the film was just held at a red-carpet gala event at Disneyland Paris. Unsurprisingly the first reactions to the project are all extremely positive, specifically praising the films emotional weight, comedic timing, and exciting action, with most reactions sighting Bradley Cooper’s performance as rocket, and Chukwudi Iwuji as the High Evolutionary as highlights. Most of these first reactions are in French due to the screening being in Paris, so the reactions have been translated.

The film is described as being “The last ride” for the guardians with Director James Gunn stated that this is his last time with the Guardians. So a lot of emotional weight is expected, and in classic Guardians fashion, some great music, fun action, and perfect comedic timing.

“brutal and elegant”

Zickmafr noted that the film had a lot of “Adventure, action, and a lot of heart”, and also praised the film’s villain saying that they were the “best villain since Thanos!”

Critic Emil Franchi calls the film “heartbraking and hilarious” and notes how this film makes the Guardians trilogy “the perfect MCU trilogy”

Critic Sacha Paolini also praised how well the film closed of the Guardians trilogy calling the Guardians trilogy his “Favorite MCU trilogy”, while also thanking James Gunn for his “colossal work at Marvel over the last 10 years”

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Steven from Les Dossiers Geek mentions that the film has a “More mature, more violent” tone than recent MCU projects, and says that the film should satisfy fans who were’nt too fond of recent MCU projects. Steven also noted that the sequences in the film with Adam Warlock made him think of how well James Gunn is going to do with Superman.

Notre Cinema‘s Anthea Claux calls the film an “ultimate intergalactic adventure”, and specifically speaks about how the film delivers “an emotional lift that serves our hearts”

Lily Fourmi says that after the film her “heart is broken and full at the same time”, wile also noting that the film has a “very complex story” that left her feeling “awesome”

Disneyphile says that the film is “brutal and elegant” and notes that it should’ve been done years ago. They also specifically praise Chukwudi iwuji and Bradley Cooper’s perfomances calling them “stratospheric”

Finally, Luca from Daily pop syas that the film has a lot of emotion and calls Chukwudi Iwuji’s High Evolutionary “a cruel and ruthless antagonist” and notes that his brutality made some of his scenes “horrible to watch”. He calls the film “a great moment for the MCU”.

Amazing first reactions

Overall, all the reactions so far are positive. With no reaction as of yet mentioning anything truly negative about the film. Most first reactions to these films skew positive, but it is still rare to see a situation where all the reactions are positive. The reactions note the films brutality, action, and specifically the emotional core of the film, while also mentioning how great the humor is. The reactions make it clear that Marvel Studios and James Gunn have cooked up something special with this film. Marvel Studios’ confidence in the film was further seen earlier today as 25 free early fan screenings for the film were announced for next weekend, an extreme rarity for Marvel Studios, making it clear that they know that the reactions to the film are going to skew positive. This presents amazing news for MCU fans who have been rather disappointed by the last few MCU projects.

Stay tuned for our Review of the film, arriving April 28th at 10 am PT! Marvel Studios’ Guardian of The Galaxy Vol.3 finally hits theaters May 5.

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  1. Why only invite press to pre screenings? Because the studios own them. To get REAL first impressions they should invite random movie goers.

    1. True, at least this time their having early fan screenings too next week.

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