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Moon Knight Season 2 hinted by Oscar Isaac’s Stunt Double

Moon Knight has been one of Marvel Studios’ most successful and most critically acclaimed Disney Plus shows, second to only Loki in its total viewership. Fans instantly fell in love with Steven Grant, Marc Spector, Layla EL Faouly and Khonshu, sit seemed like a Season 2 announcement was inevitable. However, 4 month shave now passed and there is still no word on a potential second season or spin-off.

Oscar Isaac’s Stunt Double in Cairo Teasing Moon Knight Season 2

A few weeks ago Oscar Isaac and Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab teased fans by saying that a Season 2 was in the works through a TikTok video from the 2 in Cairo. Now Oscar Isaac’s stunt double on the series Daren Nop, who also happens to be in Cairo right now, has done the same and teased production for Season 2.


In this picture Daren stands between ancient Egyptian ruins with markings, similar to those seen in Moon Knight and titles the story “Where are you Khonsu? We have to make the season 2 bro”. This is a clear tease to fans for Season 2. On it’s own this picture may not seem like much but given the fact that both Oscar and Mohamed Diab are also in Cairo at the same time as Daren, the stunt performer. It becomes very suspicious as to what may be in the work in regards to a potential Season 2 for the series.

Announcement Soon?

At the same time there have been many rumors from credible sources stating that Season2 is indeed happening. So it starts to feel more and more likely that a potential Season 2 or maybe even a Layla El Faouly spin-off starring May Calamawy may be in the works. The new season already has a very intriguing set-up with Season 1 ending off with the confirmation of Jake Lockley’s existence, and with Marc and Steven thinking they were in full control. Jake Lockley was seen still working for Khonshu and in the last moments of the series shot Arthur Harrow. We could get an announced at this years D23 expo Marvel Studios presentation on September 10th, at 10 AM PT. So it is possible we may not have to wait too long for a Season 2, and if a Season 2 doesn’t happen there’s always the Werewolf By Night project, Blade or a Midnight Sons project for Moon Knight to appear in.

Watch Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight on Disney Plus right now and catch Blade exclusively in theaters November 3, 2023.

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Moon Knight Episode 5: Spoiler Review and Breakdown

This is a SPOILER Review of Episode 5 of Moon Knight so if you haven’t watched it yet, please go and watch the episode and then read.

This episode is amazing but extremely heartbreaking at the same time. It takes some time to start kicking but when it starts it doesn’t stop. It deals with some very dark and adult themes, the likes of which Marvel has never featured beforehand which provides for an emotional journey and leaves the series on another cliffhanger, leaving only a few hints along the way on how the series may end.

This episode an awesome emotional voyage. Which breaks down Marc Spector and takes him through the demons of his past to balance his heart. We get some necessary insight and explanation into the setup for the series. Following the common episode structure of traveling through the main character’s memories for them to gain closure and stability. Similarly to WandaVision episode 8 this episode perfectly takes us through his origin of abuse, trauma and accurately portrays how a DID system is created.

But make no mistake, this isn’t WandaVision Episode 8. This is truly bonkers! Marc is dead in the underworld and his other alter Steven now has his own physical form as they both get their hearts plucked out from their chest and weighed on a boat going through the underworld. The setup alone is quite fantastical. It also keeps us guessing on the validity of the reality as we see him switching between his reality in the underworld and him in the Asylum with Arthur. Which leaves you guessing as to which is real.

However, it all takes a very dark turn. As Marc is faced by all his trauma which has him face up to everyone he has ever killed. These are things he’s hidden off and secluded from Steven and has hidden off in his mind. It really poses a question about the morality of the Fist of vengeance Khonshu turned him into.

Then comes a little boy who takes us to place which is sure to break your heart.Taking us through how Marc blames himself for the loss of his brother. Which gives us the heart breaking origins of “Laters Gators” and takes us through a cycle of abuse which caused Marc to develop DID and which was the abuse that Marc endured, hiding it all from the Steven alter. We see the crushing portrayal of how DID is created in live action as his Mentally ill mother continues to blame him for his brother’s loss and we see Marc’s painful denial to face up to the memories of his mother who physically tortured him.

Oscar Isaac and the young actor’s portrayal is just breathtaking. How they seamlessly transition between the alters. DID is caused when someone is mentally or physically abused by someone as a child. Which causes them to dissociate as to not feel the pain of the abuse any longer. They make you feel the mental, physical and emotional tone that this has had on him. And it’s painful and crushing to watch.

We also gets great scene near an Egyptian tomb which is straight from the Moon Knight comics as he is an ex military mercenary in Egypt killed by his partner Bushman, but saved by the Moon God Khonshu right before it happened, becoming his Fist of Vengeance.

The ending sees Marc’s final piece of the puzzle in balancing his heart being the death of Steven so as Steven sacrifices himself to save Marc from Egyptian sand zombies Marc’s heart balances and he’s left in the field of reeds or the Egyptian heaven.

This ending leaves me questioning how they will wrap up the series but if they manage to pull off what they’ve been doing in the last two episodes, we are in for a treat. We also have them sending a message to Layla to free Khonshu which will most likely be his path out to deal with the Gods and Monsters of the next episode.

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Moon Knight Episode 4: Spoiler Review and Breakdown

The most mind-blowing, shocking and dark episode of Moon Knight or any Disney Plus show yet was just released on Disney Plus. This is a Spoiler Review for the episode so if you haven’t watched it go and watch the episode first.

Opening Thoughts (Non-Spoiler)

So first some thoughts on the episode. I loved the pacing of this episode and just the general eeriness of it all, it keeps you gripped into the episode even when not much is happening. A surprising amount of gore and sequences straight out of a horror movie. The directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead really are at their best with horror which is so expertly directed that it is sure to make you scream.

Breakdown and Spoiler Review

So we start of with a great rotating shot, which is a classic shot of Benson and Moorhead showcasing all the Ushabtis of the other gods the Ennead has trapped. This presents a frightening message and the music by Hesham Nazih just so brilliantly punctuates the horror of this message. The Marvel Studios logo is also played with this same music continued and extended which just sets the tone for the episode.

Next we are taken back to Steven and Layla as they are being followed by Arthur’s goons and as they escape we get a great conversation with Steven and Marc as Steven denies Marc control which mirrors Marc denying Steven control in Episode 2 and 3. This also gives us a great conversation between Layla and Steven as she talks about her having agency in her choices, this truly makes her character fully rounded. We also get a great kiss between Steven and Layla which shows that she still wantss Marc’s love, also providing for a hilarious scene as Marc punches Steven of the cliff.

Next we get a sequence straight out of Horror movie which truly had me shrieking, screaming and constantly at the edge of my seat. This was the sequence which truly gripped me into the episode just the sound design with those dotted noises and the amazing horror directing, even after having watched the episode numerous times I found myself extremely stressed for Layla and just plain scared. The gore here is also just shocking as actual organs are pulled out of a man.

May Calamawy’s performance really just stands out this episode as she steals every scene, in particular her conversation with Arthur is just heartbreaking. Really shows her wanting to believe in the good Marc but also within herself feeling like she had a feeling it was true.

Breaking down that ending

MARC/STEVEN IS DEAD!!!! Noooo But wait what, where are we? WTF?! These were my reactions and I’m guessing everyone’s reactions during the ending section of the episode. As we see Arthur shoot Marc but Marc continues falling into or out of his dream as he wakes up in a mental asylum. Where we see a TV film about a Dr. Steven Grant which shows us what Steven’s creation in Marc’s mind was inspired by.- see all the ingredients Marc could have used to make up all the events of the past 4 episodes in his mind. As we see Donna as a fellow patient , we see Arthur’s goons as nurses. We see that Moon Knight itself is just a toy. We see a fellow patient make drawings of what could’ve inspired Khonshu and we finally see Dr. Arthur Harrow the head of this establishment who Marc could’ve made into a villain in his mind. We see Layla as a friend of his also a patient. The show gives us all these clues, not explicitly telling us but inferring to us that all of this was a dream, a concoction of Marc’s mind and trauma. That Marc thinks of as real as he leaps and asks for Steven. Marc is clearly very mentally broken as he can barely understand everything around him as Arthur talks to him, telling him that all this was false. This is the only part that makes me doubt that all this was fake since Arthur has been setup as an unreliable narrator. We end on Marc escaping and freeing Steven from his sarcophagus as they pass another sarcophagus also banging to let whoever is inside out. Hinting at the third alter, possibly Jake Lockley. Here we also finally get Marc’s acceptance of Steven and it is truly heart warming. As Marc longs for Steven, he needs him and the relief he feels when he gets him back is wonderfully expressed by Oscar Isaac. Next we end on an even crazier scene as a cartoonish Hippo runs in to them and says hello in the most cartoonish way possible.

I absolutely loved this episode and it is by far my favorite song f the first four. It just blends horror, emotion and surprises expertly together. It keeps you gripped with the horror and emotion and gut punches you in the end with uncertainty.

What did you think of the episode tell us now on our socials. Moon Knight Episode 4 is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus right now. Also check out our Non-Spoiler Review for the full series.

Moon Knight Episode 3 references Kang the Conqueror

Moon Knight’s new episode featured a direct image reference to an incarnation of KANG in the comics!

Marvel Studios is now branching off into its new genres, Moon Knight will be added to its Supernatural side, while other projects like Blade are coming into this side, here is how Moon Knight is teasing the next Avengers big bad.

The next Avengers big bad was shown in Loki, well, at least his statue was shown and it was confirmed that he would appear in the finale of the Ant-Man trilogy, while fans speculate when and how he could affect the MCU and cause many deaths in the MCU, here is how Marvel is teasing us with its projects like what they did with Thanos in phase 1 & 2!

As pointed out by New Rockstars, the latest Moon Knight episode left a visual reference to Pharaoh Rama-Tut, an incarnation of Kang in the comics. The one Follower of his who was fighting Marc at the edge of a cliff could be seen wearing a jacket which had the exact same logo of the Pharaoh’s head, and it even shows his color (green and purple). This theory was then confirmed by the creators of the series to be an intentional reference to Kang.

In the future Kang time travels to ancient Egypt and becomes the Pharaoh Rama Tut. As Rama Tut he has a headpiece which is identical to the logo on the back of the jacket.

What this could mean?

This suggests that Kang had actually time traveled to the ancient part of the MCU many years ago, he even might have been watching the avengers assemble and fight Thanos, as seen in Ant-Man & The Wasp, we saw a place in the quantum realm which assembles the design of Kang’s city, could he have actually been waiting for smart & powerful beings to die before he rises up to conquer the earth?
could he have been waiting for someone to free him or is he just doing other stuff while earth just ran itself?

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus right now. Also check out: our Review for the first 4 episodes of the series.

Why Nightmare might be the mystery villain of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

The MCU has successfully introduced the concept of the Multiverse and connected previous movies in Spiderman: No Way Home. In the recent TV spot released by Marvel Studios titled “Dream”, fans spotted a weird face which has caused mass fan speculation on who this mysterious face may represent.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is scheduled to release on May 6 and will be connected to many universes, leaks have also suggested that the movie will have many notable cameos from previous franchises. With Marvel Studios themselves saying that the film will have more surprises than Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: No Way home combined so basically anything and everything could happen in this film.

So who is this mysterious figure?

Some of the potential villains and figures who this face could represent are Chthon a demonic elder god and a primal devil in MCU, Mephisto is an extra-dimensional demon who rules a fiery pocket dimension, and finally Nightmare who is the ruler of the dream dimension.

Cthohn, Nightmare, Mephisto

Now to the main part, the main villain of the Doctor Strange sequel should’ve been Nightmare as back in 2018 Doctor Strange writer C. Robert Cargill revealed he and Derrickson planned to make Nightmare the villain for the film’s sequel. Even though Derrickson exited the project and Sam Raimi directed the film instead, Raimi himself noted in interviews that he wanted to keep the original pitch by Derrickson intact.

Why it could be Nightmare?

From the first trailer we’ve been hearing that Doctor Strange has been having weird dreams but they seem real to him and the recent trailer released to promote ticket sales even shows Wanda having the same kind of dreams many people think it’s just a coincidence, but could it really be just a coincidence. In the same trailer, a song is played which is all about the dream which turn into a nightmare. As nightmare torments people in their sleep.

Some think it’s so obvious that the villain is Mephisto as he’s been teased In WandaVision, Loki, and in No Way Home. Some think the mystery figure may be Cthohn but should we really sideline all the evidence suggesting that it could be Nightmare.

In WandaVision

In Loki

In Spiderman: No Way Home.

Then again Marvel Studios aims to keep the audience confused with hints, keeping the actual plot very secretive. To increase the hype surrounding the film they tease a lot of different thing so it could still be one of those. We will soon fine out who the main villain is in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as the film releases in just 19 days.

Watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in theaters exclusively May 6th. Also check out our review for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight.

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Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater talks about violence in the series and giving people goosebumps

Marvel Studios’ next Disney+ series Moon Knight is set to premiere just 1 week from now. Since its announcement fans have been debating on how much violence would be shown in the series. Many fans even argue that the series should have been TV-MA. Disney Plus confirmed that the series would be rated TV-14. The head writer for the series now talks about pushing the limits of PG-13 and how violence is handled in the series.

Marvel Studios

In a feature for Empire Magazine Marvel Studios President and Moon Knight Producer, Kevin Fiege emphasized the brutality and violence shown in the series. Saying that Moon Knight is “brutal’ and that normally where they would’ve pulled back for Moon Knight they kept on going, describing a scene where “Moon Knight is wailing on another character and it is loud and brutal”. This assured fans that they would indeed get to see the version of Moon Knight from the comics, who was brutal and violent, red blood on Moon Knight’s white fists being iconic imagery from the comics.

Jeremy Slater says, Moon Knight will be the most violent MCU project yet

At Moon Knight’s Red Carpet premiere in Los Angeles yesterday evening, Jeremy Slater talked to Variety about the violence shown in the series. Jeremy Slater revealed that they pushed the PG-13 rating as far as they possibly could. Stating that he wanted to give the audience “goosebumps” and show fans “some violence in there that you may have never seen before in an MCU thing”. He also highlights Marvel’s support in making the series violent.

“But I was like: ‘Let’s get as PG-13 as we possibly can, let’s give people some goosebumps, let’s have some violence in there that you may have never seen before in an MCU thing. And Marvel was so supportive of that. They were so cool about it.”

Judging from the source material and Kevin Feige’s comments this does not come as a surprise at all but just reaffirms this promise of violence in the series. As we have seen recently from movies like DC’s ‘The Batman’, a TV-MA or R rating is not required for brutality and violence to be portrayed. Disney+ has also only recently added TV-MA with Marvel’s Defenders series, so it is not surprising that the series was not developed as an R-rated outing.

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight starts streaming exclusively on Disney Plus on March 30

First Look at ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3’ Set Photos, showcasing Mantis and Drax

We have finally got our first look at Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.3, via set photos. The set photo give us our first look at Drax and Mantis.

Pom Klementieff, who portrays Mantis seems to be exiting a car, though it is unclear if she is in makeup or not. While, Dave Bautista is in full costume and makeup. He is wearing a cloak which is not part of his costume but is the infamous Marvel Studios cloak used to hide new suits and characters. This looks to be the same suit but with a slightly modified belt, compared to the one seen in Avengers Infinity War. Filming began for Vol.3 on the 8th of November, 2023. James Gunn also confirmed that they would shoot The Guardians of The Galaxy Special simultaneously, while filming Volume 3. Currently filming is going on for The Holiday Special, however, we don’t know if these pictures are from Now or when they were filming Vol.3.

Moon Knight Reveals New Clip “Contact Lens”

Today Marvel Studios gave us our First Look at unedited Footage from Moon Knight.

The Footage named “Contact Lens”, features Oscar Isaac’s character Steven Grant in an elevator being scared away by the horrific Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, as he unintentionally scares away an old woman.

It gives us our first true sense of the tone of the series, and it is amazingly dark, horrific, and supernatural. The cinematography looks absolutely top-notch and does wonderfully well in building up tension and terror.

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Starts Streaming March 30, Exclusively on Disney Plus

First Reactions To Moon Knight call it “Dark”, “The Best Marvel Project Ever”

The Social media Embargo for Marvel Studios’ Moon knight has lifted and the First reactions have started to come out:

All of these First Reactions have the highest praise, everyone else will have to wait till the series premieres on Disney Plus.

Moon Knight Begins Streaming March 30, Exclusively on Disney Plus