Yes, By this time we should have got the First Trailer for Thor Love and Thunder. Yes, it is greatly overdue. The trend for all MCU movie teaser trailers over the past year has been 4 months and 2 weeks between Teaser Trailer and Release Date. This teaser trailer is now the 2nd longest time we’ve had to wait for an MCU teaser trailer. We are now only 105 days away from the movie, which is the second-lowest for an MCU trailer, the previous one being The Incredible Hulk Teaser, which came out 92 days before the release date. So, if the teaser doesn’t come out in the next 2 weeks it will be the longest we have had to wait for an MCU trailer.


So, when will we get the first trailer?

This week Marvel dropped The Ms.Marvel trailer which came out 2 weeks early compared to the previous Marvel Disney+ trailers, which all came out 72 Days prior to release (other than WandaVision due to Covid delays), the Ms.Marvel Trailer came out 85 Days prior instead. This was most definitely because they wanted to release its trailer before the Thor Love And Thunder Trailer since Ms.Marvel comes out a month before Thor Love And Thunder and also so the Ms.Marvel trailer got more attention. Therefore, Marvel Studios made a compromise and moved the Thor Love and Thunder Trailer to a later date and moved the Ms.Marvel trailer 2 weeks earlier. Finally, I have heard rumblings that the Thor Love and Thunder Trailer will be coming out Next Week.

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