Sony Pictures’ next Marvel movie ‘Morbius’ is slated to release in just 10 days. However, unusually, as of now no social reactions or reviews for the movie have come out.

No dates for the end of review or social embargo have been revealed to the press. Leaving many, who got to see the film early left asking others who had seen it on the int when the social embargo for the movie will end. Fans have also been left asking, when they would be able to hear about the movie. Even though, embargo has still not ended, due to the long wait between, when the movie was screened for critics and when they may be able to share their thoughts, some reviews have leaked online through second hand sources. Now, UK press was also invited to watch the film and were allowed to officially put out their social reactions to the movie. As they were encouraged to put out their reactions online. Which is an opportunity still not afforded to press in the US.

This has also left fans and critics alike questioning the quality of the movie. Since, having social embargoes end days before release is always troubling, this is especially concerning for the movies, since it had first started to be screened for critics more than 3 weeks ago. Now these reactions from the movie make it clear that their is credence to the worries fans had. From both of the reviews It is clear that the movie is messy and not a lot of thought was put into the rules of the movie.

However, we do encourage that you go out and watch the movie and make up your opinion.

Morbius Arrives in theaters exclusively on April 1st

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