The Marvel Cinematic Universe returns with Season 2 of the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite MCU DIsney+ show Loki, after a shaky last few months with ‘Secret Invasion’ falling on its feet. Kevin Fiege now looks to one of his oldest most trusted fan-favorite characters to rekindle the audience’s love for the MCU.

Looking at the first reactions to this new season of Loki, it seems that series does just that. The first critic reactions to the series poured in as embargo on the series broke Monday night. The overall critic consensus on the season looks to be extremely positive, with just 1 or 2 critics finding the series to be a “mixed bag”.

“takes the cake as the best MCU series!”

Aubree from The Streamr calls it “the best MCU series”

“much Faster flowing, thrilling viewing experience”

Our EIC Rayyan praises the Season’s improved pacing!


Daniel Baptista of The Movie Podcast calls the season “Stellar”!

“intense, intimate deep dive”

RenGeekness praises the nuance and deeper exploration in the Season!

“Flawless” “mixed bag”

YouTuber Zach Pope calls the series a mixed bag, but sayss Episodes 3 and 4 are flawless!

“A major return to form for Marvel Studios”

Hunter Bolding calls it a “major return to form for Marvel Studios”!

“Best writing on Disney+”

Mo Hoosen of The Streamr praises the season’s writing, and calls for showrunner Eric Martin to be considered to write the MCU’s X-Men project.

So overall critics seem to love the first 4 episodes of Loki Season 2, praising its deeper themes, pacing, writing, and calling it the best MCU series to date. Some critics have found the story hard to follow, but still agree that it is mostly great. All critics agree that the series will have to stick its landing like Season 1 to avoid the fate of past less successfull MCU Disney+ entries.

Watch Loki Season 2 on Disney+ this Tuessday October 5 at 6 pm PT!

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