During the Spanish Press Junket for Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac mentioned being interested in the Midnight Sons. He Specifically mentions Blade, Ghost Rider, and daredevil.

The Midnight Sons is a team from Marvel Comics brought together to fight great supernatural threats. Multiple iterations of the Midnight Sons exist but the most prominent lineup consists of Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Blade, Morbius, Ghost Rider, Elsa Bloodstone, Wong, and Man-Thing.

Ever since Blade and Moon Knight were announced, back in 2019, fans have continuously speculated where Moon Knight and Blade would fit into the MCU. The Midnight Sons would provide the perfect place for these darker supernatural characters. Especially, with more supernatural characters like Werewolf By Night joining the MCU, this would be the perfect way to separate this section of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have also heard various rumors of their being a potential Midnight Sons Movie in the works at Marvel Studios, so the chances of this seem very likely. This is also greatly supported by Blade’s first appearance in the MCU, heard guiding Dane Whitman, Black Knight. It has already been confirmed by the VFX crew that Black Knight will indeed, return in Blade. He could potentially be recruiting members for a Midnight Sons team, in order to fight a supernatural threat. It was also revealed by TheCosmicCircus that Blade would also appear in the Werewolf By Night Halloween Special, premiering on Disney Plus, later this year, which could feature Blade recruiting Werewolf By Night for his Midnight Sons team. If this is true, it seems that Blade could potentially be playing the same role of assembling the team as Doctor Strange does in the Midnight Sons comics.

Greg Smallwood

With Oscar Isaac mentioning the Midnight Sons and Blade, we may even see Blade appear in Moon Knight to recruit him, either in a post-credit scene or towards the end of the series. This would provide the perfect groundwork for a Midnight Sons team-up movie in the future. The MCU Midnight Sons line-up could consist of: Blade, Werewolf By night, Black Knight, Moon Knight, and a sorcerer, possibly Doctor Strange. Having Doctor Strange in the team could act as the connective tissue between the mainline MCU and MCU Supernatural. Fans have also wanted The Punisher to join the Midnight Sons, ever since Moon knight artist Greg Smallwood put out the Midnight Sons concept cover featuring him. Maybe even Ghost Rider, as rumors have also been circulating about an MCU Ghost Rider Solo project.

Who knows where we may see Blade pop-up next, but a lot of signs are pointing to The Midnight sons.

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