Power Rangers is a million dollar franchise that has made history both on television and on the Toy Market. With Toy Sales making up to 80 Million Dollars in a year. It’s clear Power Rangers is a brand worth investing. Ever since Hasbro bought the franchise in 2018, fans have been very pleased with what they’ve brought into the show. From Adapting Go-Busters (A Super Sentai season previously pushed away by Neo-Saban) to Bringing back Legendary Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott (played by Austin St. John). It’s safe to assume Hasbro has a plan for the Franchise.

But just as the 30th Anniversary is approaching, fans have yet to know which Power Rangers will be returning. But just as just as we’re likely to get some returning Rangers, what about the Villians? Over the last 28 years we’ve had some foes who have yet to return to the franchise.

Who are they?

From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers all the way to Power Rangers Dino Fury, these are 8 Power Ranger Villians that are still out there!

Prince Gasket (Power Rangers Zeo)

Gluto (Power Rangers Time Force)

Broodwing (Power Rangers SPD)

Emperor Grumm (Power Rangers SPD)

Morgana (Power Rangers SPD)

A-Squad Rangers (Power Rangers SPD)

Octoroo (Power Rangers Samurai)

Scrozzle (Power Rangers Beast Morphers)

With all these foes still breathing, only time will tell when and where we can expect to see them. Hasbro plans to expand the Franchise to it’s limits, with Lord Zedd currently alive (in Power Rangers Dino Fury) it’s safe to assume we can start seeing the return of more Villians soon!

You can catch up on all the latest Power rangers content streaming now on Netflix.

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