Thor Odinson has faced off with some of the most menacing villains. Both in the comics and inside the MCU. From fighting against his brother, Loki to fighting with Thanos and even his own sister. It’s clear Thor is the strongest avenger, at least physically. Now that his fourth movie is approaching there is a new villain, who might be the strongest foe he’s ever going to face.

And that’s none other than Gorr the God Butcher. Gorr started off in the comics as a family man who lost his entire family due to starvation. Once Gorr lost his wife and children, Gorr started to think about the Gods that they worship and why didn’t they help them out. When speaking his doubts to others of his kind, he was an Exile.

Gorr was now alone, wondering on his own. While wondering, Gorr witnessed two Gods fighting each other. Gorr was furious but little did he know this was when his life finally started to make sense for him. One of the Gods had a sword that once he felt Gorr’s rage, it decided to bond with him. This sword is called “All Black The Necrosword” with it Gorr was given power and therefore he knew what needed to be done with it. Gorr now had a purpose, and that is to kill all the Gods for failing to protect his family.

Gorr thought to himself as to why are Gods given this incredible Power and why don’t they use it to protect people like him and his family from all the pain and suffering they went through. With the Necrosword Gorr now has immorality, he has a purpose and a reason for being the way he is.

Now that the MCU is finally giving us a version of Gorr it’s save to say we can expect his origin to be similar to the comics given that Thor has no intentions to be a superhero anymore, it’s a perfect story setup. As Thor goes into retirement, he witnesses Gorr’s God killing spree and that will put him into debate weather he should stop him or just leave it at that. Thor love and thunder is set to be MCU’s greatest Thor movie (yet).

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to Premiere July 8th exclusively in theaters.

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